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The Perfect Ending

This evening you were so kind to me.
The romantic candlelight dinner, the walk through the park and my favorite love-film in the cinema.
Everything was just perfect.
And now is the time I have to give you back something. I don’t know if this was your intention, but it doesn’t matter.
Enough romance for tonight. Just raw sex now.
You know, in the park I already wanted to drag you behind a bush and fuck your brains out. Since then all I could think of was sex. I got hornier and hornier every minute.
Now come to bed so I can release all of it on and especially IN you. I hope you have enough lubricant in your nightstand.
Don’t worry, after the first ride you will be lubed enough to be fucked for the rest of the week.

The Therapy

You were sooo right. I was a cock addict for all my life. But then you made me have one right between my legs. And then you gave me those injections, which made it even bigger. But I couldn’t hold myself back and stroked it the whole day. So you tied me here to learn not to touch it every second of my life.
But I have to stare at it. It’s so beautiful.
Look at it, it throbs with every heartbeat and when I press my legs together I can feel this hot shaft on my skin.
Please just touch it a little or lick the tip. Massage my balls for a while to relief it a bit. Pleeease, will you? I feel like my balls explode soon.

Change her life

You dirty little girl! You know exactly how to turn me on. Mmmmh, thats good. Lick my breast. But I think you didn’t expect me to be this big when you saw me in the disco and decided to be your mate for tonight, right? Oooh yes, suck my nipples!
I nearly can’t wait to see you squirm underneath me when I slowly push my cock all the way into your tight pussy. And after I widened you up, I will pound your hole until you lost your mind.
Thats your game: every weekend you end up with another cock in your bed. But I will fininsh this.
Tomorrow you will beg me to stay and swear that you never ride other cocks again.


Hmmmm this is wonderful. The sun, the warm and soft sand. And most of it: no one stares at the massive prick between my legs. Besides, why is it hard and throbs like crazy again? I discharged it only an hour ago.
No, not now. I just found this place and I don’t want to move the next two hours. OK until then it will be as hard as steel and the next shot will fill my poor victim with litres of sperm. But now it’s time for a little break. God, when I think of it, I nearly can’t await to shove my cock into a tight slippery hole. OK, only one hour?

A warm place

That’s sweet of you. But you don’t have to fire the chimney for us. It would be a waste of wood. See? My wood will keep us warm the whole night and if you get thirsty you can have a cup of boiling hot cream from it, too.
Well, by tomorrow morning you probably will be completely covered and filled by litres of this sticky fluid, but you will be craving for more. And if you serve me well you will get it for the rest of your life. Now put the lighter aside and start working. I can already feel my juices.

Riding In Nature

OK, riding through the woods may be good for a horse to keep fit. But for me it’s a torture. Everytime my heart starts beating like a drum, my lungs are filled with pure air and I smell the strong odor of my sweat my excitement rises to unbelievable heights.
Oh yes, and with this huge prick between my legs it’s impossible to run any more.
Hmm I know, you just have to give me a hard rub down. I think three or four hours will do. And then we can hit the way back home. But then I’ll be excited again.

Back again! (Hopefully)

I know, it seemed like this Blog and also my work died, but not this fast!!!!

I went through a heavy phase of serious depressions this year but I’m looking forward to get my life back on the right path again.

This is also why I wasn’t able to create new Dickgirls for a long time now. I’m not sure if I can start phaking so soon, but I will try to publish at least my already done work.



OK, it was a bad idea to climb up this rocks. But you are not the one who got an erection on the half way. Do you know how hard it is to keep this thing away from the stone? For god’s sake we found this quiet place to rest a little bit.
Will you do me the favor to relieve me from this heavy load? Pleeease! I promise that we can hit the way back to the hotel afterwards. AND I will serve you the whole night for your pleasure. But please do something. It’s just too heavy to move at least one milimeter from here and soon it will get dark.

Lonely Lake

Damn. Not even this cold water can bring me down. It’s still rock hard. I think there is no other way than find someone to give me some relief.
But there is no one out here. And it is already hard enough to find someone in the city who can handle a boner like this. Oh man, I can’t believe my luck. There is someone.
Hey sweety! Won’t you come over and help me with a little problem? It doesn’t take much time. I think a few hours will do.

The Glade

Oh, I thought I am the only one who knows this quiet place to take a sunbath. And now you caught me all naked and helpless. Plus you know now my little secret.

Hmmm, you can’t take your eyes off of it, right? Do you want to touch it? Rub it? Taste it and feel it deep in you. OK, then what are you waiting for?
And if you do it right we can take a sunbath together and I rub you with a very special lotion.