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No, I don’t think you can call it like that. It’s more like a spear. But it can move like a sewing machine. Not as fast but surely deeper. Now, won’t you tell my why you wanted to show me this old factory hall? Let me guess, you want to make me a dress, which will hide my boner in public? Ahm, no, thats too obvious. But your eyes are glued to it. Do you hear me?
I know, you want to spend some time with me.And you thought I could run off when I find out what you have in mind, right? You are so wrong. You are the one who wants to flee when you finally realize that my friend will keep you busy for the rest of the night.

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True Love

You know, I had big doubts about the surgery. I only thought about how I could live the day with this large boner underneath my clothes. How the people would stare at me and point on me with their fingers.
How I should carry around this heavy thing for the rest of my life. But you were so nice and sweet to me. You finally made me say yes to this black monster.
Now, know what? Everything is as I said: the people are pointing with their fingers. I know, they’re all jealous. The men want to have also such a huge cock and the women want to be fucked by me.
And the weight was nearly unbearable first, but I got used to it and now I can easily walk with it.
But one thing changed: No more sweetness just raw sex and pure lust. And I am horny the whole day.

Big Secrets

Did you ever wonder how Bernd’s Futas can have a normal life without everyone staring at their huge boners? Well, it’s all about the dress code.
– Wear loose clothes.
– Stay cool to avoid wet spots.
And the most important:
– Tie your cock tight to your body to avoid bulges.
But the last one is also my biggest Problem. Can you imagine how it feels to have such a hard cock rubbing your tits the whole day? And the tip of it stands just centimeters below your mouth. You just want to put your head down on it and suck it off. But you know, when you do it you aren’t able to swallow all of it’s load and your juices will flow all over your dress.
Even on a wet t-shirt contest you would not get out of this situation very easy.


I’m so glad we found each other. You know I always had Problems with my “little attachment”. I was shy since I was a child. I didn’t even visit the sports lessons in school. And everyone knew there is something strange with me. So I had nearly no friend. And it got even worse in puberty. Sometimes my cock was hard for the whole day. And when I finally came home I exploded the moment I touched its tip. And the days when I was home alone. I masturbated nearly the whole day. You can’t imagine the mess I made when I came over ten times. And every time I sprayed more than a liter of cum. My parents went crazy when they came home.
But now you showed me how beautiful it is. And at your lake house I can make all the mess I wnt to do ……..

Long Break

Aaaaah I’ve waited so long for you.
Bernd just didn’t let me out! See how swollen my balls are? Well, I hope you’re in a good condition. You have to drain them a lot. Now start working!

Black Magic

You wonder from where this huge cock suddenly appeared? I told you I know the secrets of magic. And my buddy appears everytime I have the desire to fuck like a man. And you are gonna be my victim for tonight. Mmmm, do you see how it is throbbing? Come closer and have a look, you can even touch it, it doesn’t bite.
How does it feel? Like a rock hard pipe covered in hot and soft skin? I see, now you are part of its magic. You know, at the moment you touched it, it made you its slave. Now all you can think of is how to get this monster in your holes.
Don’t worry honey, this is another trick of it. It made all of your holes very elastic. Now I could even shove my whole leg down your throat and the only thing you would feel is pure orgasmic pleasure. Now you’re mine…….


I don’t know why you are so sad. OK, you wanted to go swimming in the lake today, but try to look on the bright side of life. We can cuddle together in frot of the fireplace or just here in the oriel and we can watch the people on the street running in the rain. Don’t worry about the cold window. I will keep you warm, from outside AND inside.
You know, I like the rain. It’s always a good excuse to stay in the house where I can run around naked and fuck with you all the time. Mmmmmh, even when I think of it, my cock throbs like crazy. Look, it even dribbles with precum.
Please, I can’t stand it anymore. I feel like my balls are going to explode. Would you just let me fuck you? Or suck me off? Or stroke me a little? Just touch it, pleaaaaase! Do whatever you want to do with me, but release this pressure!


Are you mad? Everyone can see me here! They are talking about the bulge in my clothes anyway. And now you tie me here right before the windows so everyone can see my huge boner. I will never ever can go out of the house again.
God this is so embarrasing.
– What? Yes I always fantasized about beeing naked in public or have sex on a place where we could be caught the next moment. But I thought of somewhere where nobody knows us! Not right in front of our neighbors.
Wait, what are you doing? Nooo, don’t touch me like this. You know my mind’s melting when you do that. Ooooh, not your tongue. Not!
Mmmmmh. No, don’t do that. No, don’t! Please! Noooo, don’t stop! Do it, lick me off! Aaaaah this feels so good.
– The neighbors? Heck, I don’t care!

Remember Blair Witch?

Wow, this old and abandoned hut seems just like the house in the movie.
And it is also hidden deep in the forest.
Phew, after the long walk I need a reast. Just let us stay here for a while.
Hmmm, I wonder who lived here. How about a little roleplay? I could be the witch who hunts you through this ruins and if I catch you, I can try my rock hard wand on you. OK, actually IN you.
Or you can surrender instantly and beg me to shove it deep into you.
In the second case I will let you choose which hole I will use. Maybe your mouth?
Hungry for a delicious protein shake? Or how about a slippery hot enema deep in your guts?
Hmmm, but I would prefer to fill your pussy and see my sperm drool out of you for the rest of the day.

The Usher

A5? Oh, that is just next to the stage. It’s just where I’m pointing at. I’ll take you there.
– Nooo, I’m noot in the show. The girls in the show are mostly bigger than me and besides this I enjoy to have a more personal contact to out guests. I do the service too. So if you want something feel free to call me. May I bring you something to drink? Maybe our special milk-shake? Well, we call it so but the main ingredient is something else. I give you one free if you find it out by yourself.
Oh, shit, I’m sorry but I’m already leaking again. It’s time to be drained again. I’ll clean your throusers for you.
– Help me? Hmmm, normally the guests don’t help me with this, but OK. I get the bucket and then we meet in lodge 4. And for this favor you can get EVERYTHING from me tonight for free.