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OK, it was a bad idea to climb up this rocks. But you are not the one who got an erection on the half way. Do you know how hard it is to keep this thing away from the stone? For god’s sake we found this quiet place to rest a little bit.
Will you do me the favor to relieve me from this heavy load? Pleeease! I promise that we can hit the way back to the hotel afterwards. AND I will serve you the whole night for your pleasure. But please do something. It’s just too heavy to move at least one milimeter from here and soon it will get dark.

Lonely Lake

Damn. Not even this cold water can bring me down. It’s still rock hard. I think there is no other way than find someone to give me some relief.
But there is no one out here. And it is already hard enough to find someone in the city who can handle a boner like this. Oh man, I can’t believe my luck. There is someone.
Hey sweety! Won’t you come over and help me with a little problem? It doesn’t take much time. I think a few hours will do.

The Glade

Oh, I thought I am the only one who knows this quiet place to take a sunbath. And now you caught me all naked and helpless. Plus you know now my little secret.

Hmmm, you can’t take your eyes off of it, right? Do you want to touch it? Rub it? Taste it and feel it deep in you. OK, then what are you waiting for?
And if you do it right we can take a sunbath together and I rub you with a very special lotion.

Forest Elf

Welcome to my forest. I am the guardian of the trees and the protector of peace here. If you want to pass you have to swear to not disturb an animal or plant which is under my protection and you have to pay me some dues.
– Oh no silly! Not gold or jewels or other things you think they are precious. My magic wand has to be reloaded. Yes, I mean the massive Stick between my legs. Well, some elfes prefer wands they can not lose. And this wand has to be loaded with sexual energy.
– How? Well, just get down on your knees and let me do the work. Ummm, you do have some time, don’t you?
– Oh I think the rest of the day and the whole night should be enough.

Shell Beach

Hello sweety. Getting hard already? Hmm must be the warmth of the sun. No Problem. I’ll find you something to fuck soon. How about a tight little pussy to loosen up a bit? The ice-cream seller looked so cute in her dress I bet we can surprise her in her trailer.
OK? Then let’s go!

It’s own Head

It’s not my fault! It’s this thing. It is always getting hard in the most impossible moments. And than it makes me horny as hell so I have to undress and fuck right where I am, even on the stairs. Do you mind to do me that favor?

No Way

You want to take a shower? OK, but you have to pay me some fees if you want to go in. Maybe you can pay me in naturals. And if you pay me very well, you get an extra hot slippery shower from my cock.


Hi honey, I’m down here. I had enough of the soft bed and needed something harder. Oh, actually I have something harder. Very much harder. Do you want to try?

City Guide

I’m so glad we got rid of this tourist group and found this quiet place.
My feet are aching and the heat in the streets is terrible. Oh, and I’m glad to got rid of my clothes. Mmmmh, now I need another relief, too. Xou know, what I mean.
-Oh, hitting the way back to the Hotel and getting my relief there? Well, I thought we also do that after I had a little fun here. Say, only two hours or so.

On the rocks

You know, it always reminds me of the mountains. They are both rock hard, straight upwards and enourmously huge.
Wait until we reach the top. Then I will show you another top and you will love it. But I don’t know if we can hit the way back home today. You will be very exhausted on the top. Guess which top I mean?